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Fixit Sundays - 1st Sunday of the month
(Postponed / Online for Lockdown)

Every First Sunday of the Month is our Melton Space FIXIT SUNDAY

Do you have any broken or faulty items which you would like to try and repair? Are you interested in learning how to make and fix things? Everyone is invited to come along with any broken items to see if they can be fixed – there should be volunteers to help out and give advice.

Can you fix stuff?

If you are good at fixing and/or making things? Then please come to share skills and help out!

Have a go at something new?

In addition to the repair sessions, there will also be opportunities to learn & have-a-go at activities that include Woodwork, Laser Cutting and engraving, Electronics, 3D Printing and working with various materials.

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Booking The Rooms
Booking is a must for all member visits to the premises during lockdown. just email or call 07857 203 719

You need to be a registered member of Melton Space to book any rooms for exclusive use. (See our membership page)

We have three spaces that can be booked for exclusive use - each are £10 per hour (Free if it is a Melton Space Members group!) To book, just email There is a fairness poilicy thay says that resources should not be monopolised by any single member or group of members.

The Cafe room

Usually only avauilable out of normal cafe hours (generally, before 9 and after 5pm.) Seats around max 25 people - can be cleared. The Room is approx. 6m x 5.5m

The Craft Room

This is a busy craft room with seating roundf a centtal table for max 10 people - (6 if you need an A2 sheet each!) It has lots of free-to-use-for-memebrs resoureces and materials in the surrounding storage. Paints, fabrics, papers, yarn, seing machines, glues, sewing and beading etc. The Room is approx. 4.2m x 4.2m.

The Workshop

This is a busy workshop, and is usually busy with members projcts, machines, tools and general resources for fixing and making. Theis is more of a standing workshop with only a 2m central bench. This room has the laser cutter, 3D printer, electronics workstatyion and sotrage shelves. The Room is approx. 4.2m x 4.2m.

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We are very grateful to all our members as they are what make melton space what it is.

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In addition to the space being open to visitors and new members every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, we also organise any number of public events, open days and workshops that anybody can come along to. Some are free and some have a small fee or pa:y-what-you-feel.

We are not organising & publicising too much at the moment as we are awaiting a decision about our tenancy at the visitor centre... Watch this space!

Melton Space is very grateful to all individuals and organisations that support Melton Space.
Special thanks to the following for direct funding and use of premises:
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