Melton Space Membership

You can become a member today and we are very grateful to all our supporters! Any monthly figure you can offer is really appreciated to help the project.
(We will NEVER pass on any of your personal details - we hate spam too!)

We will only use your personal details to manage your membership and send you occasional email about Melton Space news and events. We will NEVER pass on any of your personal details - we hate spam too!
You can also read our Privacy Policy Statement

How much is membership?

We have these figures as a guide, but they are only recommended membership fees. We encourage all members to pay what they can afford (Minimum £1/month) and if you start using the Space lots and can afford it, then we will encourage you to pay what you can, depending on usage:

  • Minimum Membership Fee = £1
  • Student / Low Income = £5
  • Individual Membership = £10
  • Family Membership = £20
  • Business Membership = £30
       (depending on numbers & usage)
  • Organisation = £30
       (depending on numbers & usage)

Our policy is Pay what you can & Pay what you feel it is worth to you!

What will I get as membership?

  • Access to the Melton Space workshop & rooms during open times
  • Access to the Melton Space tools & facilities
  • Start internal pledge drives to fund new tools and machines
  • A vote on imortant decisions and to elect committee members

Melton Space is very grateful to all individuals and organisations that support Melton Space.
Special thanks to the following for direct funding and use of premises:
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